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Blackout Curtains Suppliers in Dubai

Blackout Curtains

We have the wide collection of Blackout curtains in Dubai, which can block the rays completely entering your room and helps to have a nice sleeping experience.!

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Designer Curtains

Arabic designer curtains, from fabrics, stitching/styling, up-to back-tie it will be too detail. The best part of these type of window curtains from are its extremely elegant.

Blackout curtains dubai

Velvet Curtains

Make your interiors more rich look with luxurious velvet curtains. We have both heavy and light weight velvet fabrics to meet your dreams.!


Multi-Layer Curtains

Creative Vision is the house of curtains in Dubai. As we have curtain experts, we design each layer for you, from your likes!

Jacquard curtains Dubai

Jacquard Curtains

If you are looking for something classy, stylish and long lasting, then jacquard curtains are best choice for you. Due to its weaving technique it will not fade and will be more thicker than other cheap fabrics!

Sheer curtains in Dubai

Sheer Curtains

If you need some daylight to enter home, still keeping privacy sheer curtains are the best choice. Usually this type of curtains are used in layered house window curtains.

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Roller & Drapes

Roller blinds & curtains are a wonderful combination which can give you efficient light control, privacy and block-out complete light, while giving you a rich look. These are best option in curtains for glass windows.

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Zebra & Drapes

This is another type of Window blinds with curtain, here we can mix zebra blinds and drapes. Similarly other blinds can be combine with curtains according to your wish. 

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