Window Blinds


Providing the three prominent interior decoration elements, blinds, curtains, and floor carpets, has enabled us to distinguish some widely accepted combinations. Here are the two interior design and decor ideas that are simple but graceful. We have been trying these combos with blackout curtains, wooden blinds, roman shades, and floor carpets for years. Using the sheer curtains as a backing for every curtain is an additional tip to enhance the final look. When you think about cheap interior design and decoration, approach us. Our Dubai blinds and curtains have affordable products to elevate even the luxury look. 

The white room concepts:

In this concept, the lighter shades of blinds, curtains, and floor carpets enchanter the ambiance. The grey floor carpet with a lighter grey tone, roman blinds in the same color, and a darker grey pinch pleat curtain in a sassy look is the best to highlight the richness of the white room concept. The same can try with any color is what makes this decoration idea popular. The dominancy of white color never seems to fail in catching the eyes. Any other color will easily mingle with white. Hence, white will work as a base, and the rest of the elements highlight royal white.


The wooden Venetian blinds with medium dark wooden color and texture, beige curtains, and celadon green floor carpets are perfect for a vintage ambiance. The vintage-style interior has now become a favorite for many. Its relevance over time is the key reason. This style can adopt for bedrooms as it augments the sleepy or rest-supporting ambiance. The black carpet seems to perform better as a bedroom carpet than the green one.

Some external factors may necessitate making slight deviations in these combos. Still, to create better indoors, Creative Vision offers complete customization, where the client only needs to contact us with the requirements. 

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