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Full view over SPC Flooring

The SPC core is what makes this flooring so incredibly durable, maintaining its form even over uneven subfloors. That means you can install SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring on any level, over almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor and for any amount of traffic

what you can expect from SPC layers:

Backing Layer: This is the solid foundation of your plank. Often, the backing will also come with a pre attached underlayment.

SPC Core: SPC flooring contains a solid, waterproof core that won’t ripple or swell no matter how much liquid you subject it to. 

Printed Vinyl Layer: This layer features hyper-realistic photo imagery that makes the vinyl look so much like stone and wood.

Wear Layer: The wear layer is like the bodyguard of the plank; it protects your floor from wear and tear. In the case of wear layers, thicker still means better. SPC flooring often comes with thick wear layer options for heavy-duty protection.

Realistic wood and stone looks: Top-end vinyl floors mimic natural materials better than ever before. SPC vinyl is the cream of the crop, so the visuals are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.

Low-maintenance: Keeping your floor looking fabulous is so simple. Occasionally vacuum and mop, and you’re all set.

Easy installation: Rigid core luxury vinyl tiles and planks are easy to install yourself with most options interlocking and floating over your existing surface.

SPC rigid core vinyl flooring is very durable. Because it is incredibly dense, it’s resistant to impacts, stains, scratches, and wear and tear. This flooring style is a great choice for busy households because in addition to holding up well, it is easy to keep clean.

Is SPC flooring toxic?

This flooring is non-toxic and free from formaldehyde

Does SPC flooring scratch?

The SPC flooring looks stronger and more wearable than wood material from the raw material point of view, and the stability of the flooring structure is also increased by the one-time molding process. 

What is common between SPC and LVT flooring?

wooden flooring in Dubai
wooden flooring in Dubai

Availability: one can find every variety of style and to suit your budget.

Application: SPC vinyl can be installed either below, on or above the grade. They are great flooring options especially for kitchens

Installation: With regards to the installation process, both SPC and Vinyl Click should be installed over a level surface and can be fixed directly on top of a verity of sub floors in the absence of any such preparation, some of which are ceramic tiles, marble, plywood, a leveled screed, or directly onto a leveled raised access floor using an underlay. 

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