Hi all, Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to make your small room look bigger.

Nowadays, people are more bothered about home interior and decorations. And most of the houses have at least one smaller space that they want to look bigger. No matter whether it is a bedroom, living room or just a study room, there are many tricks to make it. Theses tips can help you to create or mock a big space’s look & feel in your tiny space. So let’s go through some trendy, affordable tricks to build your dream bigger space!

1. Paint selection / Color Selection

The wall paint or room color theme have an important role in making a room feel congested/ bigger. We know that light colors will reflect the light while black colors will absorb. By the help of this theory, let paint the room with white / light shades. It will mock the room as a bigger space.

2. Combo of Light Colors with Patterns

Patterned Home Decor Accessories

As we discussed light colors have the ability to reflect the light & create an illusion of a space become bigger. So here we are adding one more trick, that is adding a pattern to small area in that white colored space. This will leads to improve the feel of bigger space. The pattern will draw the attention of eyes while light paint make the other space bigger. The usage of patterned accessories in that room will be an addon for this concept and can create a personalization to that area.

3. Stripes for walls

We know in fashion designing colors, stripes and stitching have much importance. Same concept is used in interior design also. If you want to make your room feel taller, use vertical stripes. Similarly for making illusion that your room is wider than as it is, you can use horizontal stripes. This striped design wallpaper can add a contemporary look and feel to you space.

4. Replace your wall accessories little bit higher

Wall Hangings
Wall Hangings

Yes! This is the easiest and quickest trick with zero expense. Juts hang the wall accessories little bit top than you usually want to see them all. This is mock the feel of taller walls.

5. Wallpaper with Repeated Patterns

Pattern Wallpaper
Wallpaper with repeated patterns

Let the wallpaper / wall art be repeat some patterns. This is completely opposite to the theory of light colored wall paints. Yes! the repeated patterns to the wall can also make an illusion of larger space. So while planning to do featured wall to your small space, use repeated pattern works.

6. Use of Depth Wallpaper Murals

An enlarged high quality image affixed on wall or a ceiling is known as murals. This is one of the best and beautiful way to make your space something more than really it is. One of the best type of murals to use here is 3D wall murals. It can create depth to your walls, feeling more space there. Beautiful themed interior design with this type of murals can really take you to the place in that enlarged images. Check out some examples here(link).

7. Mirror Tricks

home decor
Big Mirror in Living Area

It is the most clear-cut tip that can be affordable too. So we cannot ignore this simple trick from the list. If you have small space, try to keep one large mirror there. It can create the illusion of a bigger room by reflecting the same room and its light.

8. Curtains for small room

Blinds in Dubai

The first point to mention here is to avoid patterned curtains. This will draw the attention of eyes directly to pattern portion of the window which reveal the real space of the room and small window. So we need to avoid this type of breaks and hide the reality. For that, the best idea is to use light shade curtains or color similar to the walls to get a continuation. Another best method is to avoid curtains and try latest blinds or shutter instead. This can add more space and richness to your interior. There are a lot of trending window blinds available in the market today. Choose the best color, type and textured blinds to add more beauty.


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