Roller Blinds
  • Electric Blinds work by using a small motor to gently turn the blind shaft at the touch of a button

  • This effectively allows the Blinds Fabric to roll up or Down a Vertical Window

  • Protection from intense sunlight
  • Variety of designs and colors available
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Our Top Products

  • We are doing Motorized Blinds over Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and also Curtains all over UAE, and QATAR, which will be best fit for your windows and doors. Get Motorized Blinds directly from factory and enjoy free delivery and installation. Years of experience and professionalism give you the best Motorized blinds for your home/office.

History of Roller Blinds

The Roller Blinds/Shades are originated in early 1700’s. The first roller shades are believed to be have existed in windows of Holland as painted in fabrics. However, it start knowing from 18th century in Holland, France & England. 

In 1780 it becomes popular in home and official building of America. Still roller blinds have its own importance and style. 

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