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BUY SPCF-ES006 Vinyl Flooring(without foam)

Each Box contains: 12 pcs /2.196 SQM

Order Based on Quantity of Boxes Needed

Calculation for Boxes needed :  Total area of sq. m ÷ 2.196 = No. of  Boxes needed

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The Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is the best option for some one who is renovating or building their home or office in a budgeted way. It gives you a clean finishing look with high standard. The wooden shade SPC flooring can give you a stylish effect on the your interior setup! Creative Vision is one of the best SPC flooring showroom in UAE. SPC flooring is known the next generation of vinyl flooring made through extrusion molding.

SPC are more durable and offers better resistance from scratches or dents. The limestone composition in SPC is making it more durable and dense. This type of flooring is non-toxic and free from formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical used in many flooring products which causes allergy, respiratory issues or even cancer!

The main benefit of SPC flooring are it is 100% waterproof and these luxury flooring use advanced technologies to beautifully mimic wood and stone at a budgeted way.

Size: 1220 x 180 x 4.0 mm

Quantity per box: 12 pcs / 2.196 SQM

Quality: ISO 9001 (Quality System Approved)  |  ISO 14001 (Environmental System Approved)

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